While fortunately no deaths or injuries due to weather events this week have come to our attention, property damage and the disruption of people’s lives and livelihoods most certainly has.  Due to flooding In Buenos Aires this week, over 5,000 people have been displaced, and the rain that has been causing that flooding is expected to continue. In Vancouver, BC, flooding and rockslides have caused the government to evacuate certain regions of the city.  The extent of the damage is unknown at this point.

Typhoon Nuri, possibly the largest storm ever recorded is expected to dissipate but have lasting effects on the jet stream, bringing with it unseasonably cold temperatures.  Meanwhile a rare tornado touched down in Catania, Italy.  This ripped the roof off at least one building, damaged houses and townhouses, and caused general infrastructure chaos.  Another tornado is suspected of causing a great deal of damage to Coalville, UK.  Some cars, roofs, and businesses were damaged, with the worst hit being the Belvoir Shopping Centre, with one business likely requiring extensive repairs before reopening.


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