Hurricane Lee hit land in Louisiana earlier this week.  While southern states got some much needed wet weather, states as far north as Pennsylvania, some already ravaged by floods, faced more flooding.  This storm is blamed for 14 confirmed deaths across four states.  This a mere two days after a typhoon called Talas slammed into Japan, killing at least 34 people and generating 55 missing persons reports.

Lee is also blamed for fueling strong winds that caused severe damage in Bastrop, TX.  The wind and the state’s worst drought in 60 years, sparked an out of control blaze.  With more than 1,554 homes destroyed, amounting to around $233 million in property damage, it is the worst fire ever to hit the state.  Two people have been confirmed dead in Bastrop, and 17 are unaccounted for, but they may simply be out of town, according to sheriff Terry Pickering.  The fire destroyed more than 30,000 acres of forest, releasing more that one million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, furthering the threat of global warming.

In other news, the drought in the Horn of Africa has become so bad that herders there must choose between sustaining their own animals or elephants, which generate income from tourism.

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