Perhaps the biggest news in extreme weather this week is Hurricane Sandy.  Hurricane Sandy is the largest storm on record.  In fact, it was so large that it caused damages in 22 states, and Ontario and Quebec in Canada.  In total, the storm has claimed at least 122 lives.  The storm was most damaging in Haiti and the United States.  In Haiti, 54 people were killed, and at least 51 were killed in the US.  One death in Jamaica is blamed on Sandy, as is one in Canada.  A man was crushed to death by falling rocks in Jamaica while running for his house.  A Toronto woman was killed when she was hit by flying debris.

President Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney were both forced to cancel important campaign stops in their bid for presidency.  Both candidates rendered the aid within their power to administer.

About 6.1million Americans were without power after the storm.  To put that into context that’s 2% of all Americans!  Some may be without power into next week.  More than 4,700 Canadians are also without power.

Hurricane Sandy has had a devastating economic toll as well.  It is believed to have caused $20 billion in infrastructure damage, and an additional $40 billion in business closures.  In New York, a flooded subway system ground mass transit to a halt, and the New York Stock Exchange has been closed for two days.

Peter Ticktin, the founder and President of The Global Warming Foundation has written a special message, viewable here.


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