A major dust storm in Oklahoma caused numerous injury accidents and pile ups.  The storm is blamed on the prolonged drought in the area, and farmers having recently loosened their soil in preparation for winter.  The prolonged drought that has parched the majority of the US is having new economic consequences.  Forty million extra pounds of pork have been produced recently, as compared to last year’s production.  In Lake Minnetonka, water levels have never been lower in 2012.  This is another in a long list of drought incidents that rival a severe event in 1980.   Meanwhile, farmers in Sri Lanka, who make up 37% of its population stand to lose 60% of their rice crop.  Officials claim that had they known about the dry weather to come, this humanitarian disaster could have been avoided.  Another devastating effect of droughts is the wildfires conditions they feed.  One such fire burning in Santa Barbara, California is now 75% contained.

In other news, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had its first major snowfall this year.  This caused significant delays in traffic, along with a number of accidents as many Calgarians were caught off guard.  Many air travellers were delayed as well.


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