Hurricane force winds hammered the French Riviera this week. There was even some speculation that this was due to a tropical storm! Nome, Alaska was also buffeted by hurricane force winds the same night. This intense of a storm in Alaska has not been seen in 47 years. The 10 ft. (about 3m) storm surge, coastal flooding, and possible fatality of one man is probably the result of global warming, The Christian Science Monitor reports. The storm’s intensity is blamed on low levels of shore-fast ice, or ice frozen around the shore.

Meanwhile, flooding continues in Thailand, while drought remains in Texas and Šabac. Water levels along Serbia’s three important rivers, Sava, the Tisa, and the Danube remain low; an average of 140 cm (4’ 7’’) to be exact. Countries in the region may have great difficulty exporting their grain, potentially driving up food prices.

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