Three people have died in Sicily, Italy this week due to mudslides.    While Thailand finally saw some relief, Australia has had a bout of devastating flooding.  The most recent one left over 2000 people stranded and has killed a three-year-old boy.  There was yet more flooding in Scotland, where trains had to be shut down.

The drought in Texas continues to wreak havoc on their economy.  Farmers in those two states lost thousands of Christmas trees.  Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi all received snow this week, which is highly unusual.

Heavy winds, gusting up to 150km/h (90mph) ( in Calgary, Alberta nearly caused the crash of a Lufthansa flight, pushing it far to the left while just feet above the runway.  The same windstorm also forced the closure of the entire downtown core.  Police were called in to block traffic and pedestrians from entering, as it was deemed to be too dangerous.

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