No summer in the United States has ever been hotter than 2011’s summer in Oklahoma, states a new report.  However, with temperatures in Death Valley, California reaching nearly 120ºF (48.8ºC), this record may not stick around long.  Arizona is also experiencing its share of immense heat, with a blistering 109ºF (42.8ºC). In New Delhi, the devastating effects of heat at 47ºC (116ºF) have already claimed the lives of two people; a rickshaw puller and a woman travelling with her family.

Drought also continues to be an issue in many areas, notably Indiana and South Korea this week.  The drought in Indiana is mitigated by cool temperatures, and farmers there can get by with intermittent rainfall.  South Korean farmers have only been able to plant about half their crops due to the excessively dry conditions.

More wild fires have making headlines this week.  While the blaze in New Mexico has yet to be brought under control, two new fires have started this week.  One is threatening Sequoia National Forest, and the other along the Utah/Nevada border has claimed the lives of two airborne firefighters when their plane crashed into the 5,000 acre inferno.

There were also reports of serious flooding this week.  To see these and all the stories of the past week, click here.

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