After a week of relative calm, Serbia was once again hit with a blizzard. Snowdrift there were high enough to bury vehicles, including a bus. While Serbia is dealing with blizzard conditions, Mexico is dealing with its worst drought in over 70 years.  Insufficient snowpacks in the Sierras threaten drought conditions in California.  California’s precipitation this year is 57% below the seasonal average.

Meanwhile, Henryville, Indiana was struck by another tornado, while Oahu, Hawaii, which rarely gets such violent storms also saw one touch down this week.  This was the culmination of a week of extraordinarily inclement weather there, including a thirty minute hail storm which is “unprecedented.”  While the storm brought heavy damages, fortunately no deaths or injuries were reported.  In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, thousands of rare comic books were destroyed due to heavy rains.  A tropical storm in Madagascar has left 73 dead in its wake, and more than 21,000 homeless.  The cyclone season there has killed over 100 people thus far.  This is reminiscent of another violent storm there on June 5 that claimed 65 lives.

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