This week saw droughts, floods and fires around the world.

Paducah, Kentucky is in the grips of its driest years on record. Meanwhile, Iowans faced yet another hot, cloudless week as they head towards drought conditions. Northern and Eastern India was gripped by intense heat as it waited for monsoon rains, which were delayed by more than a week. Temperatures there reached the low 40s C (mid 90s F), and when the rain does come, it is expected to be cut short by an El Niño.

While India eagerly awaited rain for a respite from the heat, Florida’s panhandle and southern Alabama experienced historic, deadly flooding. In Pensacola, Florida, 18 in. (45 cm) of rain fell in some places, causing a power outage to a prison, damaging several homes, and killing one man.

Firefighters in New Mexico and Colorado battled a massive, out-of-control blaze, one of the biggest in Colorado’s history. Smoke from the blaze blanketed Denver, despite being more than 60 miles away from the fire. As the fire progressed, more and more homes were forced to evacuate.

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