The northeastern United States started this week in the grips of a continuing heatwave, with temperatures in excess of 100ºF (37.7ºC) This was also true for the central plains states later in the week, with another wave of dizzyingly high temperatures headed for the eastern parts of the US. The heat wave is expected to bring record temperatures to parts of Tennessee. Europe is once again in the grips of a heat wave, with Serbia recording temperatures 6ºC above normal (10.8ºF above normal). Temperatures in the region have been reported as high as 50ºC (122ºF). Heat stroke, a severe medical condition that can cause sudden death, is possible under these conditions.

The record heat in the US is contributing to blazes across the western parts of the country. Yet another new wildfire in Colorado has grown to over 2,000 acres (809 ha).

Meanwhile, a flash flood has ravaged Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada. The town, popular among vacationers in western Canada due to its proximity to the Schuswap lake system. While the town suffered immense damage, fortunately no people were reported injured. Bangladesh had no such luck, with over 100 people dead in floods there.

In other news, Hurricane Debby formed and hit Florida, drenching the state and spawning tornadoes, causing thousands to flee the storm.

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