The week started off violently, with three people dying from lightning strikes in the Bengal region and another 17 in India,  It is unusual to hear of this level of lightning fatalities, which was mentioned in last week’s newsletter.  Additionally in India, bad weather is blamed for the sinking of a ferry.  Norfolk, UK was doused by rain this weekend and fortunately there were no fatalities reported there.  While the heavy rain has flooded some parts of England, claiming the lives of a man and his dog, it is not enough to counteract the drought that envelopes the country.

Heat waves seem to be sweeping the globe, and Europe is no exception, seeing record-breaking heat, sometimes nearly twice what is expected (in Celcius) in many places.  Where the average temperatures for this time of year are about 15ºC (59ºF), the temperatures are nearly 30ºC (86ºF).

In other news, a tornado struck the south of France this week, a very rare event indeed.  Fortunately, the damage it caused was minimal.

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