Two countries that rarely see tornadoes, the UK and Japan, have both been hit with storms this week.  The Japan tornado wiped out power to over 20,000 homes, injured 20 people and killed one person.  Fortunately no significant damages were reported in the UK tornado.  In other news, Flint, Michigan, a place no stranger to tragedy, was deluged by rain earlier this week.  Flood waters were up to four feet (1.2m) in some areas of a state highway that was forced to close.  Nepal has also seen flooding this week resulting in the deaths of no fewer than 20 people.

One of the predicted effects of global warming on human life is the increase of crop damage.  The hail damage to crops in Lake City, Minnesota is perhaps a data point in this disturbing trend.

While most of the United States is under the effects of a heatwave, with May temperatures more on par with June, the BBC predicted that Britain will have temperatures colder than those on Christmas Day.

Click here for a link of all the past week’s weather events.

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