The American Southwest received a record and disastrous amount of rain, mostly from the remnants of Hurricane Odile, after Norbert wreaked havoc on the region not two weeks ago.  El Paso, Texas was particularly hard hit, with at least one feared death.  A sheriff’s deputy was swept away in his patrol car.  It is a sad reminder of just how much our emergency services put on the line every time they respond to a natural disaster.  She was checking the safety of low level crossings when she last radioed dispatch, heroically protecting lives at what almost certainly was the sacrifice of her own.  Odile itself was a record storm for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and other towns in the Baja Peninsula.  The airport took heavy damage, stranding thousands of international travellers.  Much of Cabo San Lucas sustained structural damage as well, but the full extent of the damage is not known at this time.

Across the pacific, eight people are confirmed dead due to the most recent cyclone to hit China, this being the 15th this year.  More than 500 rescuers fought against the raging torrent to save 396 students from Babu Township Middle School.  Although those lives were spared, almost 400,000 people are directly affected, and the estimated economic loss is $56 million, and the serious threats of landslides and flash floods remain.  The typhoon deluged 53 cities and counties in Yunnan, China.

Meanwhile in Perth, Australia, where it is only the second day of spring, experienced record breaking heat of 34ºC (93ºF).

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