A flood plain is an area around a river’s banks that receives regular flooding.  Floods are not always a bad thing.  When they are planned; when river flows stay within their flood plain, they are good for crop fertilization and even tourism in Ethiopia, viz. whitewater rafting.  However, when huge amounts of rain cause floods away from rivers, or when rivers overflow their banks in excess of their flood plains, as they did in Brazil, this week, crops are destroyed, tourism hurt, and lives lost.  The flood claimed the lives of ten people and caused 130 cities to declare a state of emergency.  The World Cup city, Curitiba was hit heavily, as well as the popular tourist attraction, Iguazu Falls.   Meanwhile, in Taiwan, tropical storm Hagibis has caused a number of landslides, but fortunately no deaths or injuries have been reported.  Hagibis is the first tropical storm of the season.

In other news, deadly weather in Pilger, Nebraska spawned at least two tornados.  At least one of them was an EF-5.  The massive tornado.  One person is confirmed dead and 16 people were being treated for life threatening injuries.  Several houses, and even a grain elevator full of corn were completely decimated.

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