Dust storm causes �havoc�



(6.7.08)The dust storm that swept the country in the past two days, put the security apparatus, fire brigade and medical emergency teams on alert. Sources say hospitals were filled with patients suffering from asthma, breathing difficulties and other allergy problems. According to sources, the medical emergency team referred about 20 cases to various hospitals and administered first aid to 10 patients on the spot. In addition, there were many traffic accidents in various parts of the country. Senior technician at the Medical Emergency Department Abdul-Aziz Bou Humaid said the medical emergency operations room was on alert to deal with any incoming emergency call. He noted that the department deployed 194 paramedics and technicians, in addition to 93 ambulances to deal with ailments caused by the dust storm, adding the operation room received 176 calls, some of which were about traffic accidents and others about asthma and allergy cases. Read more


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