-1.2.08- An intense winter storm wreaked havoc across parts of Europe on Thursday, leaving Bulgaria, Romania and parts of Turkey and Greece under a blanket of snow. Closer to home, parts of the UK also experienced their first significant snow of the winter. Authorities in northeast Bulgaria declared a state of emergency yesterday, calling in the army to help clear roads and rescue stranded motorists. As the snow piled up thousands of travellers were left stranded at airports and in cars as the country�s roads became blocked. Thousands of passengers were also left stranded in Romania after Bucharest’s two main airports were closed down by the heavy snowfalls. The snow also spread south into northern Greece and Turkey, causing traffic jams in Turkey�s capital, Ankara. Meanwhile further west across Europe, ice and snow caused problems too in Italy and France, prompting the closure of the Mont-Blanc tunnel linking both countries. Read more

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