When black bears and humans cross paths, the result is not always good for either species.  Bears usually avoid humans, but over time do become habituated to human garbage. They have been known to break into homes and even, incredibly, cars for a morsel. They are usually curious, but their curiosity can decimate personal property, e.g. cars as just discussed. Bear encounters are usually the result of a lack of food, and this year berries and other staples of black bears’ diets, which mostly includes berries are sorely lacking. While they can find insects in logs and other places in their territories, these cannot sustain them. The berries are not growing in Yosemite this year, where there is a growing bear problem, due to drought.

Meanwhile, the drought in Moultrie, Georgia, US is responsible for increasing the production cost of cotton, and similarly pumpkin growers in California must pump in more water than during typical years due to the dry weather.

Across the ocean, Athens experienced torrential rain over the weekend, flooding the city. The knee-deep water flooded houses and shops, and swept away cars. According to one eye witness, Athens “[has] the same problem every year, but never before to this extent”.

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