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If you are looking for a career as an interpreter, translating for TGWF could be a good first step.  We want our website to be truly global, so we can empower as many people as we can.

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours a week.

Benefits: The knowledge that you are working toward an excellent cause, valuable translation experience, practice with your second language, and a portfolio of the translation work you've done.

Requirements: Minimum three courses in a second language or equivalent.
For more information or to start volunteering, please contact pt@legalbrains.com


We require correspondents from around the world to submit weekly reports on weather phenomena in their area.  In weeks where there is no extreme weather, we are interested in temperature and precipitation data as well.  You will be responsible for choosing your own stories and supplying your own photos and videos, whether original or fairly used.  You will have a press pass for easier access to public officials.  People from all over the world will see your work in the language of their choice.  You will make a difference.  We aim to be the authority as to the timing of climate change.  We need help from dedicated people like you.


Any current or future humanities student (i.e. philosophy, literature) should be well suited to this position.  Additionally, those in environmental sciences should be able to contribute well.  Experience in journalism is an asset but not required. This position is perfect for someone with strong writing skills and a creative mind.  You do not need to write in English to help.  If you do not write in English, your work will be translated and edited, as well as stored in your written language.  Strong interpersonal skills are also essential.  Most of all, we want someone who is passionate about making an impact on the world.  Anyone aspiring to a career in journalism should strongly consider working with us.  We are interested in articles written in any language.  They will be translated into several other languages.



– Your portfolio is automatically maintained, and you can access it at any time.
– We will provide recommendation letters for loyal volunteers to potential employees and or graduate schools.
– You will get a press pass!
– You will help to educate people as to the timing of global warming.
– You will increase your own awareness about global warming.
– You will be part of a great cause!
– Excellent for volunteer experience on resumes.

If you are interested, please contact us at executive@theglobalwarmingfoundation.org

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