Earlier, we brought you news that the monsoon rains were delayed in India.  They ultimately came and were not so welcome.  The massive inundation from the sudden dumping of rain over Jammu and India’s Kashmir and other regions stranded thousands and killed at least 150 people.  In some places, the water level was as high as 30 ft! (9.1m).  This is the worst flooding India has seen in 60 years.  India’s neighbour, Pakistan, dealt with severe flooding also, deluges in Pakistan’s Kashmir, Punjab, their biggest province, Islamabad, and other regions.  Some areas received over 300mm (1 ft) of rain in a single day.  The rains are responsible for the deaths of more than 110 people, and 150 more injuries.  Monsoon rains in the region are unusual this time of year, as the monsoons should have already moved away from India and Pakistan.   Further east in Asia, thousands have been displaced in China, where 300mm (1 ft) of rain have fallen as well.  The waters triggered a number of landslides and trapped coalminers in a dormitory.  No deaths have been reported, but almost half a million people there have been affected.  In Beijing, many streets were underwater.  Severe thunderstorms pounded Croatia as well, dropping a month’s worth of rain in a single day.

Meanwhile, the remains of Hurricane Norbert dumped record rain on Phoenix, Arizona, leaving about 1,000 residents without power.  Flash flooding in Palm Springs has left hundreds of cars were partially submerged on the highways, prompting 40 rescues.

In other news, Calgary, Alberta saw their first snowfall today, about 5cm (2 in.)  While snow can hit Calgary any time, snow this early, and in such a volume is certainly unusual.

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