California has been ranked as one of the top US states in climate change preparedness. California will likely have more than its share of problems caused by climate change with dwindling water supplies and coastal flooding. However California is ready in terms of planning for expected changes to the snowpack and the resulting smaller volume in the states reservoirs.
One of just nine states having designed comprehensive strategies and implemented policies addressing water shortages that are expected to occur if global temperatures increase as predicted.

The author of “Ready or Not: An Evaluation of State Climate and Water Preparedness Planning”, Ben Chou reports many states have not even begun to take action, “They are not doing anything to cut down on carbon pollution or to prepare for climate change impacts.”

“I would say California is one of the leading states in the country” said Chou. The rankings follow with Alaska, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennslvania, Washington and Wisconsin as the nine states listed in the national study conducted by the NRDC.

The study goes on to say twenty nine states have done little or nothing to prepare for water related climate impacts.

People actually care about what’s going to happen in the future at least in these nine states.

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