Parts of New York, namely Niagara Falls received record snowfall that prompted Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul to declare a state of emergency.  Fortunately there have been few car accidents, which the lieutenant governor attributed to people complying with advisories to stay off the roads. Not everybody did though, so there were certainly car accidents and accompanying property damage.

In St. John’s, Newfoundland, Churchill Square, which is home to a 63 story apartment building sustained serious damage to it.  It will need to be stripped down to studs and rebuilt, which will take about nine months, leaving tenants to make other arrangements.  There are 14 businesses on the ground floor that now have to find a new place to operate on very short notice.  All of this destruction was from a massive wind storm.  Meanwhile, In Kansas City, severe weather decimated several hangars and the planes within.  All told, about 70 aircrafts were damaged in what was likely a tornado.  One airplane was even picked up out of a hangar and flipped over a second hangar before crashing upside down.

Two homes have been destroyed by a Florida forest fire after a man burned a pile of books on his property.  Twenty-five homes were also damaged.  Deleterious weather has walloped South Africa.  Intense winds fanned flames that have already gutted 3,500 homes.  Nine people have succumbed to three different fires.  An annual bicycle race, the Cape Town Cycle Tour also had to be cancelled due to the intense winds.  Beachgoers who braved winds were compelled to leave as high waves plowed into the beach and occasionally even the promenade.

By far the worst weather was in Peru, which has been completely devastated by flooding that is unimaginable to the vast majority of us.  For 75 people, we know for sure that this flooding was how they died.  Many more likely met a similar end.  The last thing they ever saw was the devastation unleashed on their homes.  Those who survived are facing food and water shortages; and some communities are completely isolated after mudslides and flooding decimated all road and rail connections.  Peru has deployed armed forces to help, but Peruvians are still in dire straits.  Those who are left behind to pick up the pieces might wonder why this happened, and scientists tell us it is the latest bout of El Niño.  Already the country is facing 10 times more rainfall than usual.   

In other news, a recent report shows that Australia has broken 205 heat record this summer, and they are in for more extreme weather as they enter fall.

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