This September has been the hottest the world has ever seen since record keeping began.  This is surprising because El Nino has not begun on its expected schedule, as El Nino often raises temperatures.  If the El Nino doesn’t come, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the western United States will fall into an even deeper drought, or at best receive no relief from its present drought conditions.

Another horrific typhoon has hit Japan, this time claiming the lives of two people and injuring about 100.  The fate of an additional person is unknown.  Again, hundreds of thousands of people were asked to evacuate, and several planes were grounded.  For the first time in the history of the sport, a Nippon Baseball playoff game was also suspended.  Fukushima, which literally means “lucky island”, bore the brunt of the impact, and let us not forget it was also the site of the deadly tsunami only three years ago that crippled the city and dumped radioactive waste into the ocean, which while not a weather disaster was a disaster nonetheless, and likely exacerbates the psychological if not the economic effects of this disaster.

In other news, the US Department of Defence has fingered the possibility of climate change as a major threat to national security.  Their report in no way expresses the position of The Global Warming Foundation.  The DoD, like we, are taking a neutral stance on the issue or at least they are for now, but they suggest that global warming if happening could cause resource wars, strain international relations over issues of refugees and food shortages, cause military equipment to malfunction and need repairs more frequently,  They also anticipate an increased need for humanitarian and peacekeeping missions as per the expected increase in intensity of weather disasters.  The full document can be found here.


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