Temperatures in Serbia below Average


The weather in Serbia has seen the temperatures drop below the October average last week. The highs were usually between 12 and 15 °C (53 – 59 °F), while the lows were around 0 °C (32 °F). The week behind us had both some rainy and some relatively sunny days, with the precipitation values staying within the average.
It is also worth noting that the previous weekend had marked the end of the summer weather. On October 7, the temperature during the day was as high as 30 °C (86 °F) in certain towns, well above what was expected for autumn. Yet, during the afternoon and the early evening it dropped severely, by nearly 20 degrees. The following day saw the arrival of cloudy weather and rain as well as the first snowfalls in the mountains. The temperature has continued to decrease since then.


Filip Miletić regularly reports on weather in his home country, Serbia, as well as the Balkans region. He has developed the enthusiasm for environmental protection during the time spent in school, but also because of the wonderful, yet often neglected nature of his country. Filip enjoys writing for The Global Warming Foundation, as it gives him a chance to help raise awareness about the issues our planet is facing nowadays.

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