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    Welcome to our forums! Here you may discuss the latest discoveries in climate change science. The rules are simple. Content should be relevant, verifiable, and original*. Additionally, content must be free of profanity and anything that can be construed as hate speech. We are a non-partisan organization. While only differences of opinions can lead to conversation, we ask that you be respectful of other people’s views. You may argue that somebody’s view is wrong, or that their facts are wrong, provided you can verify the facts, but not that they are an idiot. We reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is not in accordance with the rules laid out. We will not remove comments that express dissent to the general ideas discussed. Judge John Stuart Mill famously said “of debate, truth is born.” Thusly we will not stifle debate.

    *Original content must be free of any claims to copyrights. Pictures and videos may be used with the permission of the photographer or filmer only if properly cited. You may also fairly use copyrighted material vis a vis quoting a very limited portion of a relevant document. This again requires proper acknowledgement.

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