The Global Warming Foundation is proud to bring back its regular weekly newsletter.  We will continue striving to bring you relevant coverage of the devastating weather happening around the globe.

Only a month after record setting floods in Alberta, Canada with damages in the billions of dollars, over 500 people are confirmed dead due to catastrophic flooding in China with another 200 missing.  This, however is all in the north of China.  Further south China is having far too little rain, causing severe crop failure in provinces such as Hunan.  While they are facing serious drought conditions, leaving residents with little drinking water, Shanghai is so hot that denizens are cooking pork on sidewalks to demonstrate the blazing heat, over 40ºC, or 102ºF.  Over ten people have died so far from the heat wave.  The elderly are particularly vulnerable to heat related deaths because they may not notice the symptoms of dehydration.


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