In a bizarre incident in Siberia, part of an ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missile) washed up on the doorstep of a rather confused and no doubt alarmed traffic cop.  The massive metal tube contains no warhead, is not dangerous and is believed to have been used in manufacturing cold war era missiles.  The flooding in Russia is comparatively minor.  Neighboring Siberia is inundated with their worst flood in 45 years.  The flood there displaced over 20,000 people at least temporarily, and flooded over 9,000 farms.  Additionally, one person has died and twelve bridges have been destroyed.  Tragedy also struck in Afghanistan this week, where flash flooding has left thousands of people homeless and at least 80 dead.  Sahib Nazar, a resident of Guzirga I-nur said “I have lost everything, my parents, my wife and five children,” through tears. “I have buried my mother, wife and three of my children, but still looking for my father and two other children’s bodies.”  Meanwhile, a powerful freak thunderstorm killed nine people in the National Capital Region of India.  The storm is also blamed for several injuries and power outages.  In the Midwest United States, tennis ball size hail decimated cars and roofs, even walls.  Flash flooding also followed the hail.  There were even up to 14 tornados.

Shortly after Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber declared drought emergencies in Grant, Josephine and Wheeler counties, a fire has broken out in Two Bulls, Oregon.  The fire has already consumed 6800 acres, (2751 ha) and is only 5% contained. 700 firefighters are already battling the blaze.  Meanwhile, a fire near Fairbanks, Alaska is raging out of control.  It is currently 22.5 sq.  mi (58.2 sq. km)and growing. Crews have also contained an 80 acre (32.3 ha) fire is burning in central Idaho.

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