Though this is about the storms that have been affecting various locations around the world, and some news about global warming studies, it would be incomplete without a brief update on the wildfire situation. A new report claims that at least 48 states have abnormally dry conditions, and that this is due to the combined effects of La Niña and man-made global warming. Lastly, over a million kilometers (621,000 miles) have disappeared in only nine days. Some of that melting occurred at even the coldest and highest point of Greenland. Wildfires have started in Greece, and Nebraska. The latter burning away over 50,000 acres (20,234 ha) making it almost three times as intense as the recent fire in Colorado, which has burned away about 18,000 acres (7284 ha).

There have been several reports of devastating rainfall and flooding. Taiwan was inundated with two feet of water, sparking massive evacuations. In China, the worst flooding in 60 years cut short the lives of 37 people. Southern Texas also suffered a deluge, namely in Harris and Montgommery counties, though high water was reported in several areas of southern and eastern Texas. Nobody has been reported missing there, but the counties both have water levels ranging from several inches to four feet. In the Philippines, two people have been confirmed killed, and six are missing due to flooding there. Japan has also had torrential downpours leading to massive flooding, which killed 27 people and left thousands without power. In India, more than 400,000 people were left homeless, and 191 died, after downpours there.

One man is dead in Austria after a landslide, sparked by heavy rains. Alaska also saw a record landslide of over five miles (8km.) A landslide in Nelson, British Columia, Canada caused the deaths of four people. While landslides and floods are not uncommon, floods often occur in spring, but the sheer number of floods and rain-induced landslides in the last two weeks, not to mention storms across the eastern US and Canada, suggests something out of the ordinary.

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