There are 44 wildfires blazing the US, and more are expected to start, according to officials.  Should more start, they will likely exhibit “extreme fire behaviour,” according to a spokesperson at the National Weather Center.  So far, 3,00,000 acres (1,214,000 sq. km) have been burned, about half as much as last year.  One of this year’s fires in Idaho saw nearly half of Ketchum’s population forced to evacuate.

A different extreme is happening on the other side of the dateline.  China continues its struggles with the devastating floods earlier this month, and the drought in more southern province.  Adding to their troubles, typhoon Trami has made landfall, killing between 575 and 940 people,  The heavy rain it brought might have exacerbated flood conditions there.  Economic losses are immense, totalling more than $26 billion USD.  Acting Governor Vyacheslav Shrot noted “There’ve never been any water rises of this kind throughout the 120 years of hydrometeorology observations in the Amur area.”  Trami also killed 17 in the Philippines and injured 10 in Taiwan.  Earlier this week, typhoon Utor hit southern China killing eight people there.  In other news, Alberta, Canada has finished assessing the damages from their recent deluge at $5 billion.

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