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Revere hit by tornado

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Bostonglobe.com reports that...

A rare tornado roared through this seaside city with terrifying force Monday, uprooting hundreds of trees, ripping roofs off houses, and spurring an intensive recovery effort that could last weeks.

Carrying winds as high as 120 miles per hour, the powerful storm cut a destructive path through Revere’s central business district. It damaged more than 100 homes and turned a quiet residential neighborhood into a scene of stunned confusion in just a few minutes.

The first tornado to hit Suffolk County in at least 60 años, the twister snapped large oak trees and sent large sections of metal guardrails flying through the air, but no serious injuries were reported, dijeron las autoridades.

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Typhoon lands in southern China, downgrades to tropical storm

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Theglobeandmail.com reports that...

Typhoon Matmo churned ashore in southeastern China on Wednesday and was downgraded to a tropical storm, while the death toll from last week’s more powerful Typhoon Rammasun rose further.

After passing across Taiwan overnight Tuesday, Matmo made landfall in China’s heavily populated province of Fujian. The country’s weather agency said it had gusts of 108 kilometres an hour and was moving at 20 km/h.

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Typhoon Matmo heading toward Taiwan, China

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Globalnews.ca reports that...

Another typhoon is threatening parts of Asia this week, bringing dangerous conditions to the island of Taiwan and mainland China.

Typhoon Matmo formed on July 17 over the southern Philippine Sea, making it the tenth tropical depression of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean this season.

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Rammasun Claims over 121 Lives as Death Toll in China Rises

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English.cri.cn reports that...

Four Chinese provinces have been battered by the storm, the strongest one to hit south China in four decades.

Along with the 33 confirmed deaths, it has affected over 8 million people in Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan and Guangxi.

The super typhoon made landfall in the southern Hainan on Friday, packing winds of up to 134 kilometers per hour.

The provincial capital Haikou, has taken the worst hit, with widespread power outages and water shortages.

Sobre 1 million households are without electricity.

The super typhoon also destroyed almost every single traffic light across the city.

Local authorities say it will take three months to fix all the lights.

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Official Says Jamaica’s Drought Is Intensifying

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Abcnews.go.com reports that...

A severe drought is intensifying in Jamaica with water supply systems already well below normal, the Caribbean country’s environment minister said Sunday night

In a national address, Robert Pickersgill told Jamaicans the government is trucking water to hard-hit farming districts where parched conditions have withered crops. Many Jamaican small farms lack irrigation systems and depend entirely on rainwater.

Rainfall has been scarce for months and inflows into reservoirs are significantly reduced. Some water supply systems havedried up entirely,” Pickersgill said.

Reservoirs are dwindling so badly in areas serving the island’s capital of Kingston that temporary shutoffs of the public water supply happen daily.

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Typhoon Rammasun heads for Vietnam

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Bbc.com reports that...

A powerful typhoon is heading towards Vietnam after causing widespread flooding and damage in parts of southern China.

In the Philippines, a clean-up is under way after Rammusan made landfall there on Tuesday.

Más de 60 people were killed.

Richard Forrest reports.

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As Sea Ice Shrinks, Can Polar Bears Survive on Land?

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News.nationalgeographic.com reports that...

Linda J. Gormezano, an ecologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, isn’t a polar bear chef. But she has been figuring out what polar bears might have to eat to survive increasingly long ice-free seasons in the western part of Canada’s Hudson Bay area (map).

Her calculations, presented this week at the North American Congress for Conservation Biology in Missoula, Montana, suggest that the predators may be able to survive for six months on land-based foods, y, because of climate change, they may have to.

Other scientists have warned that a lack of sea ice due to warming temperatures in the Arctic—and declining seal prey populations—could drive this population extinct by 2020.

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Tifón mata 38 en Filipinas, millions without power

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Bbc.com reports that...

A powerful storm that battered the central Philippines has killed 38 people and left millions without power.

Ten more people were injured by Typhoon Rammasun and another eight remain missing, according to authorities.

The typhoon swept through the country on Tuesday night before making a shift away from Manila on Wednesday.

Más de 530,000 people took refuge in evacuation centres. Many of those who died were killed while outdoors by falling trees and flying debris.

Millions living in provinces southeast of the capital still have no power, according to news agencies.

Officials have managed to restore power to only half of Luzon, which has 17 millones de personas.

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2014 So Far: Coolest in U.S. Since 1993; Wettest June Since 1989, Says NOAA

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Weather.com reports that...

The first half of 2014 was the coldest January-to-June period in the Lower 48 states in 21 años, according to the federal government’s quarterly State of the Climate Report, released Tuesday by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

De junio 2014 was the sixth wettest June on record for the contiguous U.S. (Lower 48 Estados), the wettest since 1989.

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Caught on camera: How a deadly landslide destroyed a city in Japan

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Daily.bhaskar.com reports that...

The tropical storm ‘Neoguri’, which has made it way to Honshu island, is destructing Japan intensely. At least three people lost their life in the landslide and heavy rainfalls triggered by the typhoon, mientras 50 other are injured.

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