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Is your state getting ready for Global Warming?

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California has been ranked as one of the top US states in climate change preparedness. California will likely have more than its share of problems caused by climate change with dwindling water supplies and coastal flooding. However California is ready in terms of planning for expected changes to the snowpack and the resulting smaller volume in the states reservoirs.
One of just nine states having designed comprehensive strategies and implemented policies addressing water shortages that are expected to occur if global temperatures increase as predicted.

The author ofReady or Not: An Evaluation of State Climate and Water Preparedness Planning”, Ben Chou reports many states have not even begun to take action, “They are not doing anything to cut down on carbon pollution or to prepare for climate change impacts.

I would say California is one of the leading states in the countrysaid Chou. The rankings follow with Alaska, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennslvania, Washington and Wisconsin as the nine states listed in the national study conducted by the NRDC.

The study goes on to say twenty nine states have done little or nothing to prepare for water related climate impacts.

People actually care about what’s going to happen in the future at least in these nine states.



Temperatures in Serbia Continue to Rise

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Last week, Serbia has seen a constant gradual increase in temperatures, with lowest valuesbelow freezingrecorded on Monday and Tuesday, and the highest ones during the weekend, peaking at 25 °C (77 °F) in parts of Southern and Western Serbia. These temperatures are considered average or slightly above the average for March in Serbia, the Meteorological Office says. Weather stayed dry throughout the week. Forecasts are similartemperatures will remain nearly the same, while light drizzle is expected only on Monday evening.

Yet, some 85 cm (33 ft.) of snow remains on Kopaonik Mountain, though it is predicted to start melting away soon. The snow layer is somewhat thinner on Zlatibor Mountain, as well as in the Sjenica area, where a bus and several other vehicles were stranded during a blizzard last week. The road in question was cleaned quickly and fortunately it didn’t take long for the passengers to reach safer grounds.

Chart: Temperatures in Belgrade last week



Άνοιξη καταιγίδες

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We could still have a normal March in the southern Sierra’s.

The forecast for the Sierra foothills calls for 9.2 ίντσες (23.4 cm) of rain this week and 10 feet (304.8 cm) of snow in the mountains.  It looks like it is going to be wet for the next week. Which is good timing for wildlife where the survival of newborns depends on freshwater to drink and freshly sprouted plants, buds and flowers to eat. One week of heavy rains in the spring can provide the nourishment that was not there all this winter.




Μια ήρεμη εβδομάδα στη Σερβία

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Last week, Serbia has seen its best weather in months. Heavy snowfalls and strong winds have finally come to a halt, and after a long time it remained mostly dry throughout the week. Επιπλέον, temperatures now more closely resemble the values expected for late winter in these areas, with highs reaching 13 °C (55 °F). Some snow only remains on higher mountains, while lower areas are completely clear.




Southern California Storm

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A late winter storm brought a much needed mix of snow and rain to local mountains. Fresh snowfall amounts were up to 4 ίντσες (10.2 cm) on Mountain High and Big Bear was blanketed as well.  Strong winds picked up overnight and gusts of up to 50 mph (80.46 km/h) were reported in Fontana. Drivers were cautioned to proceed slowly and watch out for downed power lines.  We still have hope for the lack of precipitation this winter winter to rebound in March before we head into our typical Southern California dry season.

photo: Mountain High California Moonjazz Flickr



Wet weather is gone in Los Angeles January 31, 2012

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The two days of rain that we had two weeks ago amounted to only one inch of rain in Los Angeles in January. These arid conditions are not limited to our typically dry Southern California. There is a shortage of snow in the Sierra Mountains, with Colorado and Utah ski resorts suffering a similar dry spell. Giant mounds, which skiers and snowboarders callwhalescontained the only snow to be found on some mountains, and this was made from snow guns.

La Nina conditions with lower than average water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean are prevalent and could explain our current conditions. However last year the same conditions existed with 10of rain in December 2010 when Arctic Oscillation was in a weak phase for most of the winter allowing cold moist air to drop down from the Arctic to our area.  February is usually our wettest month and we could use the change.