The California drought will deepen, as the El Nino will be weak this year.  While that’s good news for Australia, which likely won’t experience the drought this year that El Nino usually causes.  The California drought is harming the favourite crop of the month, the great pumpkin, along with many other crops of course.  The price of pumpkins is expected to rise 15% to 57.5 cents per pound next year due to the crippling drought conditions California is facing, as farmers must rely more on remote water pumps from remote locations.  In Somalia, a substantial lack of water has pushed the state nearly into famine, with around 3.2 million people starving, according to World Vision, a humanitarian aid organization.  That figure is up 20% over the figure six months ago.  Most farmers were not able to harvest any grain, and many have lost their animals, as water sources and pastures dried up.

At least there is some relief in sight for Paraguay.  They have been experiencing unseasonable heat since the beginning of October, about 3º-5ºC (5º-9ºF) warmer than average.  They have also been under heavy drought, and while the rain that is expected this week will bring cooler temperatures and some much needed moisture, it will not be enough to end the ongoing drought.

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