While Colorado has been relatively balmy, Greece is covered in a blanket of snow.  Additionally, ships were prohibited from leaving port due to excessively windy conditions.  Winters in Greece are typically mild and rainy.  Historically, while Greece had a variety of climates throughout the Isle, snow was uncommon.  The myth that explains winter doesn’t even mention snow, nor was there a major deity associated with it.  Mumbai, India is also relatively cold.  They have experienced record low temperatures of 14.2ºC (57.6ºF.)  While this is not exactly cold for most people in North America, but perception of cold is relative.  The average winter temperature in Mumbai is 20.5ºC (68.9ºF.)  We can only guess at how subjectively cold it is, but objectively, we can say that it’s certainly unusual.

The other extreme we are seeing is perhaps more alarming.  We at TGWF have been reporting on the droughts lately, and most recently on the snow droughts.  With high temperatures in Colorado, the snow drought in that state is being exacerbated.  The snow that has fallen is evaporating and moving elsewhere, due to record high temperatures.  Water evaporates in any temperature, (or sublimates at temperatures below freezing,) because some molecules randomly escape the liquid or solid and float away as a gas.  Naturally, the higher the temperature, the more such random escapes occur because there is more overall molecular motion.  So higher temperatures are causing the already deficient snowpack to melt and evaporate.  Currently the snowpack is at 81% of what it should be.  The snowpack feeds the rivers, so anywhere downriver is going to have lower banks.  Furthermore, there is a high risk of wildfires in the near future.  With 174 records set in the state in just over two weeks, the situation may well get worse before it gets better.  In Macon, North Carolina, a fire burned out of control.  Heavy winds are whipping up the flames and now several hundred homes were under threat.  Two people were killed in the inferno, including a firefighter.

In South Korea, there are reports of a severe fog causing a massive 100 car pileup, with two of those collisions resulting in fatal injuries.  There were an additional 63 injuries reported, seven of them serious.  A similar incident took place once in 2006.

Unfortunately, the tragic events we reported on are in no way a full reflection of what has been going on in the world.  If you would like to see all of our headlines from the past week, please click here.

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