Hurricane Havoc

The hurricane season has so far been nothing short of horrific.  Hundreds of people have lost their lives in Peurto […]

Ferocious Fires

British Columbia, Canada, and parts of Alberta have been experiencing the most intense fire season in history.  California is having […]

Miserable May

Melting permafrost in Antarctica threatened the Global Seed Bank.  Meltwater found its way into the entrance and was discovered last […]

Intense heat in Pakistan has killed 3 people in Odisha.  The Angul district reached temperatures of 44.7ºC (111.2 ºF.)  Nine […]

In Like a Lion

Parts of New York, namely Niagara Falls received record snowfall that prompted Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul to declare a state […]

Rocky start to the New Year

This month, we have been seeing a pattern of extreme precipitation in some regions and an extreme lack of precipitation […]


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Hurricane and Drought

Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean, leaving destruction and pestilence in its wake. Over 1,000 people are dead in Haiti, […]