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As Earth’s warmest winter on record ends, Spring starts with snow storms in North America

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Just as Spring rolled around last week, we learned that Winter 2014 was the warmest winter on record. According to weather.com, “NOAA says that December through February … was 1.42 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average for all land and ocean areas. This tops the previous warmest winter of 2007 by 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit.” Despite the fact that eastern North America experienced a cold winter, western North America, Europe and Asia experienced widespread above-average temperatures.

This was little consolation to residents of the northeast United States, where the first day of Spring was greeted by snow storms. Some areas picked up 6 inches of snow, with temperatures dropping 10—15 degrees Fahrenheit (5.5-8.3 درجة مئوية) فيما يلي درجات حرارة طبيعية لهذا الوقت من السنة. لقي شخصان مصرعهما في حادث تحطم سيارة الناجمة عن سوء ظروف القيادة, وأصيب آخرون بجروح كما شوهدت سيارات انقلبت على رؤوسهم في حوادث منفصلة. تقريبا 600 وألغيت الرحلات الجوية, وتماماً كما تأخرت كثير, مغادرة الركاب الإحباط.

وفي الوقت نفسه, في شمال أستراليا, ناثان إعصار اجتاح الساحل يسبب السكان على الفرار من الداخل, و شهدت مدينة كاستيلون الإسباني لهطول الأمطار الغزيرة التي أغرقت المدينة, إجبار عمال الطوارئ لإنقاذ الناس من بيوتهم وسياراتهم. وكان المتوقع العاصفة للانتقال إلى البحر الأبيض المتوسط التي توقع خبراء الأرصاد الجوية أن تشهد رياح عاتية. هذا التحذير وأصبحت حقيقة واقعة بعد بضعة أيام, مع إيطاليا, البلقان, وتستعد تركيا لعاصفة تعطيل السفر. هطول أمطار غزيرة في تركيا قد يؤدي إلى حدوث فيضانات في عدد من المدن الساحلية.

هطول أمطار غزيرة في شمال البرازيل وبيرو كما تسببت الفيضانات, إنشاء المجاري العملاقة في البرازيل, والانهيارات الأرضية في بيرو. ويبين شريط فيديو لا يصدق على حافلة مليئة بالركاب البرازيلية أن ينقذه من لحظات المجرى قبل هو جرفت الحافلة بنهر شرسة. الانهيارات الأرضية في بيرو أودى بحياة سبعة أشخاص على الأقل, عندما جليدي دفن جزء من بلده. ولسوء الحظ, بي بي سي نيوز أن الغيوم العاصفة الجارفة ستظل أكثر من البرازيل وبيرو, وأنها سوف تصل إلى حتى صحراء أتاكاما في المتوسط الذي يتلقى فقط حوالي 15 ملليمتر من الأمطار سنوياً.

وبعد أيام قليلة كان هناك أخيرا بعض الأخبار الجيدة للولايات المتحدة شمال شرق, فيها على الأقل 6 inches of snow finally began to melt in Boston, which had covered some parts of the city for months.

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Making the 2012 heat wave matter

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Aljazeera.com التقارير التي....

There have been two, maybe three, landmark heat waves in the history of man-made global warming. The first was in 1988 and it put the concept of global warming on the map. Then as now, the eastern two-thirds of the United States broiled beneath ferociously high temperatures, while relentless drought parched soil and withered crops across the Midwestern farm belt.

But in Washington, the underlying problem was being named for the first time. On June 23, NASA scientist James Hansen testified to the US Senate that man-made global warming had begun. The New York Times reported his remarks on page one; the media at home and abroad followed suit. By year’s end, “الاحترار العالمي” had become a common phrase in news bureaux, government ministries and living rooms around the world.

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إعصار ساولا عدد القتلى يرتفع إلى 44 كما ضربت عواصف الصين

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Thehindu.com التقارير أن....

ارتفعت حصيلة قتلى "إعصار سولى" يوم الجمعة إلى 44 وفي الفلبين وتايوان كالعواصف والأعاصير حط باليابسة في الصين, حيث توفي اثنان وحول 770,000 وتم إجلاء.

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China rainstorms kill dozens in Gansu province

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Bbc.co.uk التقارير التي....

Some 40 people are now reported to have died in rain and hail storms in north-western China.

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Six Week Review: شباط/فبراير 21 – نيسان/أبريل 3, 2012

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Whereas the USA and Canada saw winter return with a vengeance in mid-to-late February, by the middle of March it experienced far more erratic weather, مع حالات الجفاف, heat waves, العواصف and then, just as suddenly in some areas, more snowfall. وفي الوقت نفسه, the cherry blossom trees of Washington, DC bloomed weeks early due to the unusually warm weather. Indeed, Spring’s early arrival allowed farmers in New Jersey to get into the fields two weeks early but forced them to deal with an increase of crop-eating insects due to the mild winter. عموما, it was a very warm March, with dozens of record temperatures being set.

In other parts of the world, the warm weather had troubling effects. In Morocco, droughts caused the country’s cereal harvests to falter. Northern Mexico experienced its worst drought in 71 السنوات, causing a severe shortage of food and water across the country. وفي الوقت نفسه, Vietnam braced itself for Tropical Storm Pakhar, و Fiji experienced flash floods. ومع ذلك, just when it had seemed that Spring had come for good, citizens of western Serbia experienced large snowfalls, and in Scotland snow fell just days after record-breaking heat waves.

Thus, to call the weather over the past six weekserraticseems like an understatement. It’s a period that has seen record heat waves and snow storms, and droughts and floods, often in the same places.

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Monthly Climate Summary: نيسان/أبريل 2011

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Drought. Wildfires. Wind. Hail. Tornadoes. Flooding.

نيسان/أبريل 2011 was a month defined by extreme weather conditions, particularly in the United States. Texas followed its driest March in over 100 years with its fifth driest April. Higher temperatures and absent rainfall were blamed for power outages at refineries, a spike in rabies reports, and wheat crop losses. By month’s end, 94% of the state was experiencing severe to exceptional drought conditions. اقرأ المزيد.



World loses one-third of total global food production

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The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) released a study on food production last week that concluded 1.3 billion tons of food is lost each year. That’s one third of total global production. This inefficiency in food production and consumption reflects wasted energy and consequently unnecessary GHG emissions. […] What does food waste mean in terms of climate change? “When we throw away 40%, 40% of resources invested goes for naught, for nothing” said Bloom. He estimates that “2% of all US energy goes to food we’re throwing away.” The vast amount of water, oil, and other resources that go into farming are squandered, and the gears of industrial agriculture spin with no purpose. اقرأ المزيد.



Welcome to our new website

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Welcome to the new Global Warming Foundation website. Check back soon for additional information about the new features we will provide for our visitors!



Storm fells tree along Augusta’s famed Magnolia Lane

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-04.07.11- There’s a gap in the stately row of trees that line one of the most famous drives in America, the aftermath of thunderstorms that swept through Augusta early Tuesday and damaged other parts of the course, too. اقرأ المزيد