A message from Peter Ticktin, President of The Global Warming Foundation:

As our planet has gotten warmer, we have seen predictable results. We have seen more precipitation, more winds, more drought, more heat waves, more aberrant movement of air mass, such as the blasts of Arctic air which disrupts the warmer latitudes, but with coinciding warming blasts to warm the upper latitudes. We have records being broken on a regular basis, whether the number of tornados or the worsening of our crops. Going forward, we can expect more of the same. By this, I do not mean simply repeats of the large storms and weather events we are seeing, but more importantly, we are going to witness new and greater records. Our system is changing, and it is not leveling off. It is not increasing on a straight line, but rather, the changes we will see will often surprise us, as the differences are occurring and will continue to occur on an exponential curve. This is why we are being taken unaware. Everything we have seen has been predictable, and in fact, it has all been predicted, not with exact knowledge of which cities were going to be hit by which named storms, but rather as a process.

Although the vast destruction and the loss of life is horrible, the fact of the matter is that more and worse horrific events are sure to come. The frightening part is that Hurricane Sandy is, more than anything, a milestone as to the way that our planet is warming, and as to where we are in the process at this point of time.

We at The Global Warming Foundation are most interested in drawing the exponential curve on which we are traveling toward the future. We are working on this project, as we remain true to our purpose of giving non-partisan information by consolidating news of weather events which we portray in a visual using our map of the world. We want to be of service to those who want a window to the world as it will exist, and to those who need to know when we are going to get to the various levels of climatic change.

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