August 19 – 25, 2014

Officials blame heavy rain for a number of landslides that wrought havoc on Hiroshima, Japan this week.  Over 56 people died due to the slides, with around seven people still unaccounted for.  The exact number is difficult to know.  There were several injuries as well, at least two being serious.  The landslides trapped people in over 20 locations.  Meanwhile, another six people are feared dead and one is confirmed dead after a landslide and severe flooding today in South Korea. So far there are only reports of flood related deaths, but the landslide destroyed a senior’s centre.  The landslide there also forced the closure of a nuclear power plant when rain water leaked into a water intake facility.  In other late breaking news, flooding in Bangladesh has decimated houses, leaving nearly half a million people homeless.  The government does not report any deaths as of yet, but that seems likely to change with such heavy flooding.  Furthermore, the situation is expected to worsen, with rivers flowing at dangerously high levels.  Thailand has also seen heavy flooding recently, with Phucket, Thailand flooding a third time in two weeks.  At least 12 people have been killed in India.  Flooding there has inundated no less than 1,500 villages.

Due to a previous forest fire, the heavy rainfall in Washington State triggered landslides.  While nobody was hurt in the landslides, they resulted in highway closures and several trapped vehicles.  Thunderstorms caused flooding in Winnipeg, Manitoba, chiefly in Polo Park Mall.

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