A polar bear was discovered early this week emaciated and dead.  It was travelling to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago.  According to photographer Ashley Cooper, the sight was “desperately sad.  There was just no fat on it.”  The bear is believed to have died because of poorly formed sea ice.  Meanwhile, unseasonably high temperatures in Alaska continue, and scientists are blaming a die-off of 1,100 king salmon on these conditions, as well as hundreds of graylings and rainbow trout.  Alaska has set a record for its most consecutive days over 70ºF (21ºC,) with temperatures even climbing to 80ºF (26.6ºC).

Meanwhile, in California a fast spreading wildfire has consumed more than 19,000 acres (7865.47 hectares.)  The flames destroyed a number of homes in the area, prompting a state of emergency declaration from California’s governor Jerry Brown.

Two women in Missouri are dead and one child is missing, due to torrential rain there.  Officials recovered the body of Jessica Lee after the water swept away her car with her four year old son.  Officials are still searching for the boy.  The other woman met a similar fate.  In Colorado in a flash flood and mudslide there, one man is dead and another missing.  A storm system stalled over the midwest producing dangerous weather this week.  It is believed that global warming may be contributing to the stalled systems.  Yet another flood in Gilmer County, Georgia resulted in ten washed out roads according to Georgia Emergency Agency.

To read about all this week’s weather events, click here.

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